Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Speaking with locals

I have been collating all the results and comments that I received from my survey I conducted with local independent business owners. The survey has proven a worthwhile task and will prove very useful in sharing these issues through my project.

Some interesting comments considered the need for building another shopping centre rather than utilizing current architecture around the high street. Many felt unsupported by the local council, a feeling that their was more interest in big chain stores than a diverse selection of locally ran businesses.

These comments will be very useful in forming some of my information graphics.

Negletcted High Street?

Whilst this is not one of the worst examples I've photographed, it still strikes me as totally unprofessional. These blinds have been like that for months with all sorts of assorted rubbish in view. It really is an eye sore.

Towards the West End of Union Street this vacant unit's sign is incomplete and the lettings in the window faded from age. The West End has a particularly high rate of vacant units and many are in need of work.

Market Street, one of the main routes to the new Union Square shopping centre has many eye sores. If it's not the horrible appearance of the neglected Market it's the dirty signage like this Bhs sign. 

Towards Castle Gate, across the road from E&M's. This shops sign has fallen down and has remained like this for a long time. Just across the road one half of the old E&M's building is supposed to be getting turned into a classy Jamie Oliver restaurant. 

E&M's building has remained vacant since its closure in 2007, moss and weeds are sprouting from all over the building. Yet the council have placed posters, "Regenerating Aberdeen" all around the building. Seems a tad ironic to say the least... even these boards are getting a bit grubby.

Then & Now


Using imagery collected from the Central Library I started the tedious task of finding the locations of these old shop fronts and comparing to what exists their today. These are a few examples of the ones I've managed to locate.

Interesting how the To Let/For Sale sign on "Union Street Sale" and "Peacocks" has landed up on the same window!

What has been ultimately interesting about these comparisons is seeing how local/independent businesses have been replaced by the big chains that we see dominating the occupied units of Union Street today.

2012 Union Street

Focusing on Union Street, as part of my research I have documented the vacant units and their current condition.

I have also looked at what kind of shops are currently trading from Union Street, to no surprise it's mainly occupied by big chains. Some with multiple stores.